Sunday, March 04, 2007

[3:19 PM]  covenant - atlas

I think my mentor at work hates me. He practically runs (only as speedily as his size allows) whenever he has to go past my desk and every time I visit his office he tenses up as if he's about to bolt if I wasn't blocking the only exit. Though he could probably jump out of the window if he's desperate, his stomach is big enough save him from a 7 stories fall. How unreasonably it is! Since I'm handling his case, my problems are his problems and he knew very well that I have no experience in dealing with commercial transactions. It also didn't help that the purchaser's solicitor is inexperience and doesn't know simply facts such as all rents are calculated inclusive of GST. At least I am aware of my incompetentness and, despite my mentorís reluctance in providing guidance, I know when to seek advice before shit hits the fans. Grrr! Iím going to stop worrying about this and enjoy what remains of my weekend.

I was browsing the vintage hair community earlier and oh how I want those kicky 40ís hairdo! Too bad my hair is too long and heavy to hold curls. It takes hours with curlers and Ĺ bottle of extra hold hair goop to put curls in and only 10 minutes for hair to straighten once the curlers are removed. Oh well, I guess Iíll just visit the community whenever I feel deprived.

I need to stock up on Sultana of Soap. This soap smells so fruity and yummy that I never want to be without it again. So move over Figs ní Leaves! The Big Calm shower jelly is very nice as well but itís just not the same.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

[12:47 PM]  coheed & cambria - the final cut

Had hair chopped by almost 1/2 of it's length because knee length hair is not corporate enough. Now it's hanging scarcely past tailbone and looking miserably short. Oh well. :(

Work starts next Monday. I'm torn between buzzing with excitement and wanting to run screaming back to uni. Being the only one still in uni I've always felt left out when friends chat about work related stuff, after all nothing beats hard earned experience and a postgrad degree means very little once you're in the workforce. Also, I can't wait to get paid. Unfortunately there will be fewer occasions to wear all my nifty jewelleries. Woe.

II am bopping up and down waiting for external to arrive. I've just about used up all available HDD space downloading Trinity Blood so I'm hoping it will arrive either late this afternoon or tomorrow. Heheheee.

Received Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in pink from C as thankyou gift for showing her around Taipei. It's sweet of her though I'd settle on getting my textbooks back. I have highlighters coming out of both ends but I need those books NOW.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

[1:11 PM]  buck-tick - dress (bloody trinity mix)

Crap, I think the burner is dead or at least terminally handicapped. Was burning the 4th SAC cd when burner stopped working, stalled the entire system AND refused to spit out the cd. Anyway, I spent most of the night uninstalling and reinstalling most of the relevant programs associated with said drive to no avail. The damn thing is dead (or putting up a convincing act of being so).

Fuck fuck fuckity-fuck.

On the other hand this is an excellent excuse to purchase a external HDD (for backing up important files of course) till that piece of shit is either repaired or replaced.

Erm, yay!

This song s hawt!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

[1:41 PM]  dark soho - supernova

Been back in Australia for several days now.

Here are some of the stuff brought or found in Taiwan. The rest are on C's camera.

Ethinc Voodoo Dolls. Left to right - Zombie, Demon, Sab Boy, Hanged Man, Dark Boy.

Wizard. This sweetie is going to a new home soon. :(

Caramel apple coated with mint choc chip.

The absolute best beef broth noodle in the world.

Anna Sui purse.

Nail art.

MAC. Left to right - Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish, Glissade Mineralize Skinfinish, Lily-white Pigment, Frost Pigment.

Haggard, jet-lagged with almost no makeup and TANNED. Ugh!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

[5:42 PM]  cocteau twins - serpentskirt

Dropped Odin off at the kennel earlier and I miss my puppy wuvvy already. The poor thing didnít want to go. He gave us such hurt and reproachful look when we left him there I feel guilty just thinking about it. Of course itís only for 2 months, which passes rather quickly and he wonít have to go next year but I still feel bad.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

[2:35 PM]  live - forever may not be long enough

Purchased The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts earlier this week. While I donít believe in the occult, being an atheist and all, this book was simply too fascinating to pass up (the chapter about flying potion is a hoot!), especially with 40% discount vouchers from Borders burning holes in my pocket. Unfortunately I have very little time to read it before travelling to Taiwan and itís too heavy to take with me.

Received webcam as early Christmas present on Thursday. Itís great fun and Iím truly glad for it since so many of my friends are heading overseas Iíll be in need of one soon anyway. I am wondering whether I should take it with me along with the laptop. The problem is that I may not have the chance to use it at all.

I think Iíve procrastinated enough. I really need to start packing now.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

[3:26 AM]  Went through with the interview on Wednesday and HCB accepted my internship application. Yeeeehaw! This will save me the trouble of hiring headhunters and spamming resume to other firms. One of the senior solicitors even offered to move my admission at the end of the interview. ďWhoa,Ē I thought. Itís not as if Iím counting the horseís teeth but shouldnít they wait to see how I perform first? Hopefully once the intern period is over Iíll be able to stay at the firm.

A dear friend will be leaving the country permanently at the end of the year. Itís horribly depressing. Weíve known each other since high school and have kept in touch regularly throughout the years regardless of our own personal circumstance has changed. Though curiously enough, we both ended up going through law school. Fortunately, weíll meet up again in Taiwan sometime during January next year. Weíre going to have a Taipei shopping tour while sheís there Ė with the help of detailed maps as I donít know the city that well either. It should be fun.

Oooh, watched Troy on Friday night. I wish theyíd shown more than a side view of Bradís perfectly formed backside. The movie wouldíve made so much more in terms of revenue if Brad had simply stripped naked and pranced across ďTroyísĒ battlements. The city wouldíve fallen without a sword being raised. Ha ha. It was rather unfortunate that the scriptwriters and directors had to twist Homerís Iliad out of all recognition to make the movie more appealing since according to the original tale; Achilles was a petulant and generally unlikable character. When Thetis dipped Achilles in Styx she really shouldíve just let go and let him drown.

Monday, October 30, 2006

[2:18 AM]  Level 4 water restrictions will go into effect on 1st of Nov. quite frankly I donít know what the hell city council is doing, they shouldíve began working on the problem 12 months ago; the drought didnít start yesterday. Instead they dithered, dawdled and wasted all that valuable time backstabbing and arguing with each other. Plans of new dams and water treatment/recycling plants are all very well but none of this has any bearing on the current crisis since these oh-so-wonderful proposals will take at least 5 years to build.

Downloading movies online is an intolerably frustrating experience when there are no torrents available. Iíve been downloading Musa since early Friday morning, and I do mean early, however the blasted file has ran out of sources and ground to a halt with just 19MB remaining. Damn, I really want to see that movie again because the way Yeosol handles his spear is just so HAWT! Boy that came out all wrong. Will try to purchase the dvd when I visit Taiwan this year which should not be a problem since Korean movies are such a rage over there at the moment. Heh heh heh.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

[3:29 PM]  the shroud - she...

I am so glad the onsite part of the course is over. It was the busiest and most gruelling 2 weeks Iíve ever lived through Ė 7 assessments in 2 weeks and we had very little time to prepare for exams and presentations. We learn the examinable materials only 2 days before the assessments and we had to prepare for several of them simultaneously. I donít think it would have been so terrible if it was just the 9 to 5 hours, itís the mountain of extra work we had to do once we get home. On average, I think I had less than 4 hours of sleep every night during those 2 weeks.

Anyway, thatís all over now. The last week had been positively breezy! There was barely any homework so I had time to go shopping and catch up on sleep. Brought whole lot of clothes at the DFO last weekend but they are all work clothes so Iím not exactly ecstatic with the experience, just another one of those annoying but necessary expenditure. How strange this is. Not too long ago I used to sneer disdainfully at the suit-wearing pod people, but now Iíve become one of the faceless members of The Establishment. The only consolation is that I look damn fine in suites, as unimaginable as it may seem.

Few days ago I acquired Robin Hobbís newest instalment of The Soldier Son trilogy. Iíve been waiting for it breathlessly since May last year. Unfortunately I made the mistake of browsing Amazon reviews before actually reading the books first like I should have done. Consequently, instead of burying my nose into the book at first opportunity, I stare and poke at it balefully too depressed to read it because the reviews said itís one of those letís-stomp-and-bash-the-main-character sequels and the story wonít pick up until the third book. I donít want to wait another year! I need something to read right now!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

[12:24 AM]  Snagged a jar of Night Light on the way today. HEEHEE! Iím so happy!

Monday, August 21, 2006

[12:13 AM]  neuroticfish - reinvent the pain

I canít believe New Moon is on shelf already! The official line is that it wouldnít be available til late August or early September. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that itís available for purchase since the first week of August. To be honest though, I was still firmly ensconced in post MAC raid afterglow and too busy playing with new MAC LE stash so I havenít been checking Amazon as diligently as I would have. However, with numerous advanced reading copies floating around both on and offline I am somewhat curious as to why it hasnít already been scanned and uploaded by some enterprising book-pirate with too much spare time on his/her hands. Fortunately, I will be passing through CBD tomorrow so Iíll have a chance to check the bookstore and visit MAC to see if they have any leftover stock from last seasonís LE.

Been so busy lately. Who knew an apparently simple court application drafting exercise would morph into a 6 files (with multiple affidavits and 4 evidence exhibits inclusive of evidence certificates) nightmare? Anyway, itís all done now. I wonít have to hand in anything major til 31st, exams on 8th of next month and the mock-hearing isnít til 13th. I am so sick of school Ė in any and every method or form. I canít wait to start working.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

[1:05 AM]  I feel like doody.

Friday, July 28, 2006

[4:20 PM]  Browsing Amazon and a few regularly visited web boards today. I am amazed by the number of people online who cannot spell:
- disappoint Ė "dissapoint"
- definitely Ė "defiantly" or "definately"
- desperate Ė "desparate"

And those who cannot distinguish the disparity between:
- bear and bare
- your and youíre
- pique and peek and peak
- hoping and hopping
- its and itís

Elementary school anyone?

Monday, July 24, 2006

[12:11 PM]  deftones - change

I canít believe how fast my hair grows. Seemed only last week when I had half of it hacked off out of sheer irritation and now itís knee-length. Again! This time though I must remember to take some photos of it before getting it cut.

Planning a huge MAC haul next month. Iím going to be down at the counter on the day new collection is released and grab all the items on the shopping list before some pig of an MAC addict runs off with most of the stock as backup or to sell on ebay. Bloody biotches.

PLT class starts today. Yay! Or rather ďBOO!Ē because Iíve been sick for most of the month long holiday so it feels as if I barely had any rest at all. On days like this I wish Iíd decided to spend my life as a bum instead.

Monday, July 10, 2006

[12:44 PM]  rotersand - exterminate annihilate destroy

Found out that I didnít fail any exams last Wednesday (it sounds awful when I say it this way Ė like I actually make a habit of stuffing up assessments left and right) which is really great because that last company law exam was a real killer and I havenít had a full nights sleep for a week afterwards worrying about it. Itís just as well that I didnít know "A LOT of students fail company law exams the first time" until it was over. The obviously implication here is that many fail the first time then had to repeat the subject and some will fail the second time around as well. So Iím all set to graduate at the end of this month. And like last time, Iím not going to graduation ceremony Ė for all the same reasons plus a few extra.

Also been sick since last Monday, which was only a minor setback against my parents plan to drag me around town to look at cars. The fact that I feel like a week dead roadkill... and probably look like one too is of little import to them.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

[5:17 PM]  Just busted my favourite glass.


Monday, May 29, 2006

[11:13 AM]  Movie marathon yesterday. We watched X-Men and Take the Lead. I am so over X-Men. They killed off a number of characters for the dumbest reasons under the most ridiculous circumstances. Oops, spoiler! Producers claimed this is the last X-Men movie, hence The Last Stand, but left enough leeway to come back in a few years with X-Men Returns, X-Men: the next generation, X-Men Forever and X-Men: we canít stop beating this dead horse. Oh, thereís a surprise at the end of credits.

Take the Lead was marginally more interesting only because Antonio Banderas is in it. Otherwise the movie is best categorised as a cornier version (which I couldnít imagine possible) of Strictly Ballroom - ghetto style minus Baz Luhrmannís whimsical sense of humour. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it because Antonio Banderas is in it. x_x

Also obtained Elfen Lied (thanks, Aaron!) which promises plenty of slice and dice splatter to keep me happy for days to come. Heehee!

And Dresden Files vol 8! Read all of it in one sitting!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

[5:41 PM]  More cheesy goodness last night Ė Eurovision semi final was on! Iceland contestantís act was hilarious, too bad so many of those in the audience didnít get the joke. Lithuaniaís song was funny as well though Iím somewhat surprised that they actually made it through to the final. I wanted to bitch-slap the Russian guyís stupid grin off this face and I wish that Ukraine girl wouldnít twitch her head so much.

Saw Da Vinci Code yesterday. It was disappointing. The book is much much better. So if anyone hadnít seen it yet, donít waste your money.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

[7:25 PM]  the shroud - spiral back

I canít recall the name of a newly discovered dinosaur and itís driving me crazy. All I can remember is that the name starts with the letter M. Itís supposedly bigger than T.Rex and hunted in packs. And I thought thereís nothing worse than being chased by a hungry T.Rex. *Flashback to King Kong*


Ok, found it after a little googling. Its binomial name is Mapusaurus roseae. Not only is it bigger than T.Rex, hell itís even bigger than Giganotosaurus, the specie that stole T.Rexís title as the largest carnivorous theropod known to date in 1995.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

[5:46 PM]  Yesterday while I was waiting to be picked up there was this streak of light racing across the sky. My first thought was "A comet!" But it was so bright and the tail behind it was kind of green and um, gassy so I figured maybe something exploded instead. Like an airplane perhaps and in moments weíll be showered in burnt crispy bits of... protein. But the angle of descent was all wrong. Whimsically for a moment I wondered if thereís any bits left to be found if, say, someone follow the light really really quickly. However, it sort of broke up in midair so thereís probably nothing left. Since I was so busy trying to figure out whether it was comet or burning debris I forgot to make a wish. Not that I believe in it, of course.

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